energetic painting

My friend Monique…I miss her. She had this awesome idea one day to get together and paint. She had done this before, and  wanted to do it with me.  We both gather our paints and brushes in one location, buy a huge canvas, then take turns with brush strokes until some sort of theme or design was established. The correct term for this is Collaborative Painting, but we called it energetic painting.  This one became a beautiful garden, with a stone walkway, ivy, flowers and a dragonfly. It now hangs in her mother’s cabin in Colorado.


Uses for Old Things

I have always loved picking up ‘treasures’ from old dirty places. With each ‘new’ found treasure, I always had a new vision for them… What can I do for you,  old worn out fallen this-or-that to make you feel loved again? There is always a ‘feel’ to these treasures. A story. Begging to be retold…maybe, elaborated a little by its soon-to-be new look.

Made with bark found in the woods, sticks, moss, pieces leftover from old jewelry and other projects
Put your favorite Sage Bundle, Smudge Stick, or whatever to remind you to cleanse the temple
Hand-cut wood from fallen tree, old jewelry pendant and earring…
Hand-cut limb, old fairy bracelet pcs, random pcs, leaves, sticks and moss
Hand-cut limb, homegrown dried mini roses, bird crafts

Bizarre Bazaar

Our 3rd annual Bizarre Bazaar will be held on:

December 16 from 10-4

 Sunday December 17 from 1-4.

All items are hand crafted by our in house artisans. Come by and stock up on goodies for the holidays! Hand made textiles, herbal heat packs, stockings, stocking stuffers, ornaments, essential oils, facial masks, sugar scrubs, soaking salts, gift certificates, yoga essentials, and more!

We will also customize gift baskets for you. 

Divine Astrals 




*follow the facebook link for more details




After Wanderlust last year, April and I decided to add yoga to our practice.  That was in April of 2016, by May we set up our first class in our office.  It went well.  We set a new goal of adding weekly yoga practice within the confines of our office(to complete the 10 year business goal I had established in massage school, April’s 5 year goal).

We needed to introduce our clients and patients(of the chiropractors we work with) to yoga…in a small setting, not overwhelmed with buff yogis doing their thing.  Seeing our group come together we made a comfortable environment for learning and then calling our Saturday morning practice Progressive Yoga. To further our goal we signed up to get our RYT 200 at our favorite spot…Indigo Hot Yoga Studio. I had to withdraw before classes started, but April went on that September and continued her training every month until May of 2017!  Way to go!!!

Our classes are every Saturday at 8:30am, love donation accepted at Sage Bodywork Therapy, located inside of Camelot Chiropractic 4025 Village Park Drive, Knightdale NC.

You can also find April teaching at Zebulon Community Center every Wednesday night at 6:30pm, Yin Style Yoga Zebulon Community Center, Zebulon NC. $5 class fee…

…and through the summer at Wendell Falls at Grounds Café on the Lawn for yoga flow, Wendell NC. $5 class fee


energetic painting 2

The second painting my friend Monique and I started together. She moved away before it was completed, leaving me to finish on my own. I believe it contains many spirits, so do others that view it. As the months wear on, more and more faces become a part of its colors, shapes and forms. It hangs in my office, where magic happens. My clients also see new energies…each time they arrive. I also believe this painting is about the heart chakra, Qi flows across the canvas, and energy bubbles floating amongst the spirits. It may be that the spirits get captured, as they release from the bodies of my clients that lie upon my table, who receive energy work(removal).


There was a time over the winter(seasonal depression had set in) where, I stared at its enticing colors, the painting has saved me many times from losing myself.  It comforts me.  I found an image within the heart…see, at the time, my heart was breaking. A rough time was in the midst of my being and as the silent tears fell upon a client… I saw the heart as shattered glass. The shards broken, reflecting bare breasts, surrounded by pain and love. The Qi still flowed softly, the bubbles drifting on and off the canvas, the spirits acknowledging my sorrow. I had to smile. No matter how alone one might feel, we are never really alone…

What do you see?

IMG_20160105_081257 (1)

Wanderlust 108 Charlotte ’16

5k, Dance Party with MC Yogi, Yoga and Meditation all in one…

We travelled to Charlotte last spring to Wanderlust 108 in Charlotte NC. April and I(Amy) met up with a couple of our favorite gals(who are sisters) to experience a crowd of people all wanting change in this world. It happened during a time of confusion, for our state government thought it a good idea to pass a bill against LGBT communities. Bad idea. Still fighting it, no one follows the law, thank goodness.

Anyhow, with gusts of wind whipping through the skyscrapers we encountered an eclectic group of lovelies all there to enjoy everything we love, under the sun.

If you ever get to go to one, dress in layers, you never know what the weather will do.

Dress up. We made t-shirts with our Tribe name of Anam Cara(soul tribe) on them, made our hair with feathers, and painted our faces.


There were choices of classes: tribal painting,  hooping, couples yoga, yoga trapeze, slack line yoga and more! That year we were blessed with the tunes of Sol Rising(excellent…we purchased his USB) and MC Yogi to host.

We drove, we ate, we slept, we created, we met, we participated…We took group photos with people we didn’t know, drank kombucha, danced with a unicorn…a memory we shall hold close to our warm hearts.

Tiny Cabin…Hot Springs, NC

PART 2…Exploring the land.

First before we explore the acres of land, a few other details.

-There is plenty of chopped wood in a shed beside the cabin. There were grill lighters, but I suggest bringing an extra lighter, just in case…maybe even bring some kindling(old junk paper, dry sticks…it was damp when we arrived Friday, so it was hard to start the fire).

– A Compost area for your scraps and paper products is located across the outhouse, they sit up a little path from the cabin.  Compost is used in the garden.  The outhouse uses a composting toilet, meaning, you go in a bucket, fill with straw, then you empty into a separate space of compost, to be used in the natural areas of the land. Toilet paper is provided, although it never hurts to bring extra toiletries. (Sometimes mischievous fairies can be seen prancing around here)





-There are gardens between the cabin and the barn. Help yourself to fresh veggies and herbs for cooking on site. Maybe plant your own seed for the next visitors in the fall.

hot springs20
The barn sits closet to the entrance, behind the cabin, the garden that produces seasonal vegetables takes up the space in between.

-The barn will hold a larger group. We decided to use the upstairs for crafting of jewelry.  There was a nice breeze, a hammock, and comfy furniture to lounge in.

-Find your way along the weed walk path, where you’ll meet wild edible herbs for plant medicine. We labeled a sassafras tree that I found near the outhouse, with a board we found in the barn.

-Hike the one mile trail up the backyard mountain and sit in the chairs at the top, breathe in the fresh mountain air and bask in the sunlight satisfied from your trek. The hike has several entrances: from the weed walk, behind the cabin, and another past the meadow.