Shadow Fairies of the Meadow


“Would you like an adventure now,”…”or would you like to have your tea first?” ~J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

 “Without shadows, there would be no light. You can’t have one without the other.” ~Silvia Lwelelyn Davies

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” ~J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

With our fairy wings and passion for freedom…we pranced the creek and meadow dream…The Tiny Cabin lost us there, but a home it had felt, to the fairies with flair.

energize your food


Last fall I was prepping a meal with the herbs I had grown.  I always pick extra herbs to tray dry and bottle for winter usage. I was carefully rubbing each piece and talking out loud to the food.  That is when the  A-HA moment occurred. I was paying it gratitude and gently energizing the herbs before cooking and eating it.  Some would call this ritual ‘blessing’  it, therefore raising the vibration of the raw food. I told each how beautiful they all were and happy they were such delights to taste.

Food does taste better when you work for it. There is the deep satisfaction of planting its seed, watching their little seedling heads sprout, the excitement it brings. They grow, we talk to them, touch them. We harvest. Prep it for cooking fresh, or dry for the winter to use in sauces and soups. All of those contributions raise the vibration and benefits, in turn providing great nutrition and appreciation for our hard work.

In turn…our food choices when appreciated…will appreciate you.


Tiny Cabin…Hot Springs, NC

part one…Tiny Cabin…secluded…in Hot Springs NC…sounded great to us gals. We needed to go away. Our 2015 brought us many challenges, and we needed to come down off that energy in a very quiet way.  We needed to go off the grid. No lights, no sound, no people.  Nothing but the September of 2015 mountain air and a car full of supplies to last a full weekend.  We found it on AirBnB. Offering less than 300 sq ft of cabin, acres of property to explore, a mountain hike, creek, a meadow with a weed walk close by, and a wood fired hot tub to sit under the mountain stars in…we made our plans to get the heck out of town!

The property is called The Good Egg sitting off of Meadow Fork Rd, down a dirt path. There is a metal gate that locks you in.  We arrived late on that Friday night, just as the sun was starting to go down. We had a few disruptions near the site, due to a few missed details.  There is a store very close to The Good Egg. Thankfully, we could draw Wi-Fi from its parking lot, to contact Don, the owner. He responded very quickly, providing us with the details we lacked to have with us. Excitement, gotta love it.

After pulling the car onto the site, we locked the gate behind us.  We found a spot to park near the big barn…and there the old Escape sat, until we left on Sunday.  We immediately felt the peace of the land. We were home for the weekend.

We unpacked and began building our fires for the night.  One on the pit to cook our salmon dinner(Salmon and Veggies cooked in a foil packet with herb infused butter), the other for the outdoor snorkel wood fired hot tub. This process took a while…but, it happened, that’s all that matters. Hahahaa.

The inside of the cabin is so cute. There is a loft bed(top bunk is a super comfy double memory foam bed, we both slept here. We used the bottom for our clothes).  The back corner beside the bed had a cute writing desk with nature books, field guides, poetry, old manuscripts.  There was a journal/sign-in book to leave your comments, info, muses and ponderings, drawings of your stay, etc. for other inhabitants to enjoy. We had a small wood stove for cold nights, luckily we didn’t need that.  The sink, counter, gas stove, and recycle bins…most of what you need to cook with is there. If you want to cook on the fire pit outside, I suggest using foil to wrap your food in, or to wrap the hot plate hanging behind the wood stove inside the cabin. The water comes from a tank located part of the way up the mountain.  It is delicious and cold. If you want to heat the water to wash dishes or have a bird bath, you must use the fire or stove to do so.  There are windows all the way around the cabin, so the sunlight is good in there.  A few solar powered lights run the length of the cabin, you really don’t need these, unless it is really early in the morning.  We used candlelight at night, the old kind too.  I had a bunch of old drip candles from the huge craft warehouse I worked in.  The kind of candles from the late 70’s and 80’s that hung on wood sconces by their joined wicks.  They all smelled basically the same, even from 30 years ago…a mix of vanilla, cranberry and pine. Childhood memories reminded me of burning these when the electricity went out, or walking into the community florist shop to purchase them. The innocence that came to mind with these thoughts is always comforting and safe.  That’s why I collected them for my emergency stash, when the warehouse liquidated everything.  The back wall and entrance to the cabin had more windows that face the mountain with a little two person wood table.  Perfect to eat and play Scrabble on (April brought a few games, but we only needed Scrabble, lol)

We ate our delicious meal, allowing its properties to melt our worries away.  When the water was heated we enjoyed soaking in the outdoor hot tub(we went gung ho and got the fire pretty hot, the water temp may have been too hot, but by the time we got in, we were tired and loved it).  The quiet of the cool September night took over, allowing the stars to swallow us.  A perfect end to the A-Teams first night in the Tiny Cabin(with the exception of April’s hot tub story…it included stewing ourselves for the inbred cannibals that may of been watching us from the trees. I swear.)

Look for Part 2!

Goddess of The Old Drip Candle

TALES FROM THE Tiny Cabin:  For years she was put away with her twin, such darkness they endured for so long.  They were somewhat held captive, in a box on the top shelf of the linen closet. There was a time within their youth when people admired them. Connected by a wick the two were inseparable. Long, medium in shape, off white in color.  They hung amongst other siblings, some light, some dark, some with brilliant color, some not so lovely. People had complimented their vintage vanilla scent, reminding the admirers of the lifetime in the 1980’s. They once were  on display, in a craft store on Maywood Avenue…until one day it all changed.

Thrown into a box, others were there too. Mingling among the waxy figures in a dark closet, they wondered why. Time passed by. Alas, there is hope! Warm hands held them high, then snip snip, she had to tell her twin goodbye.  Set to stand on a wooden podium, she felt her end was near. It was her time to shine. In her  finale to life, she intended to go out in glory. The light came, the heat then flushed her crown, shining bright for her new admirers to see.  Tiles of wooden letters arranged so that Webster would approve, now lay before her, glowing beneath her glowing beauty.  The admirers with understanding and gratitude for her work, thanked her for her duties. Her figure quickly aging as the heat came to take her.  Looking down as the final light overwhelmed the last minutes of her life, passed through her dying body, the old drip candle bowed and was thankful to of served her life’s purpose.

Her figure now gone, her purpose now served. All that’s left is a memory of her from The Tiny Cabin.  The goddess mounted on her podium of the wooden candlestick set between us, while we sat contemplating life and the choices of written words laying before us at the two person table. Two red headed massage therapists were far away from it all, playing Scrabble under the beauty of the old drip candle, bid their farewells to her, as they lit up the life of her twin flame.

sun bathe it all away

We are given a very powerful source of energy.  Not only does it heat and light our planet, but it feeds our plants, and us humans! The sun, provides us with warmth, happiness, vitamin D and, after sunbathing, you may find you are less hungry.  The sun will also help cleanse you of impurities by boosting your immune system and activating your mitochondria(the charge you get from its light and energy excites your powerhouse cells in the body, therefore using  the sun’s light as healing while taking it all in for yourself).    If we could all just slow down, taking a little time for ourselves to reap its benefits.  We just SLOOOOOOOOOOOW DOOOOOOWN and absorb. Take a day from all activities. Get away from your distractions, the phone, computer, games, kids, spouses…everything.  Find a place that you like, that’s somewhat silent. Maybe, you go deep into the woods, along the river or lake…how about a really old property with old structures, anywhere, somewhere…alone.  A place where you can feel at peace with yourself and the sun.

Now…get to a comfortable, beautiful, focal area…or a place that the stillness takes over. Relax. If it is warm and you are able, remove as much clothing as possible.  Set your intent…What do you want from this experience?  What do you want to get rid of?  What kind of pain are you having? You can lay back in the grass, sit against a tree with your feet planted, or sit cross legged, If you can face the sun, you will want him to ‘get ahold of you’, meaning let the energy from his glorious light penetrate your cells, lighting them up. I usually imagine it entering through my third eye. When this happens, the sun, through my closed eyes, seems to glow brighter and get warmer.  My theory on this reaction is that we connect to the source of energy, the sun.  Its power activates our living bodies to recharge. Just like a rechargeable battery, literally, lighting you up brighter, as a lightbulb would. If you’ll allow the full process, you’ll feel clean and energized.  So, the sun is now connected to your third eye. You may feel the crown of your head open up. Imagine it being a glowing crown of royalty(YOU ARE the king or queen of yourself) opening up surrounding your relaxed head and allowing the energies and reception from the universe in, freeing your mind of all thoughts, other than…JUST BE.  Next, once the light is filtering in through your head, imagine it flooding slowly, cleansing each of your parts…your neck, opening the throat chakra.

Either before, during, or after(once you are connected) feel a buzzing, vibrating, humming…these may come as a feeling, sensation or sound. You may also feel it at the third eye ‘being pulled by a thread’, or at the hands, root or feet… This is normal. You ARE a conductor of current, and at this point you are the plug connected to a hot wall socket…let it happen, enjoy it. If you feel like your heart is beating hard or that you may panic, slowly breathe, slooooow it all down. you can also put your left palm up and your right hand down(this will help you ground, controls how much energy you are drawing in…if you need even less, turn both palms down).

We were at the throat chakra. The sunlight that floods, is a beautiful warming waterfall of light, it is pure and warm. It is cleansing. If this waterfall starts to slow down and puddle somewhere in the body, or if thoughts try to sneak in(this is probably something you’ve been holding onto, a person, place, thing, idea, chaos, stuff….whatever…), say something positive, or a prayer, along the lines of telling it to ‘go away’, you ‘don’t need it anymore’, ‘I won’t let this control me anymore’, ‘give it to God’…or push it away mentally and banish it for good.

Work your way down through the heart.  Open it up. Let go of grief, sorrow, pain from this area, wash it all away…Next is your solar plexus.  This area is where your ‘gut feelings’ come from.  If you feel a PANG here, more than likely you have some feelings you that you are/are not aware of…that you or someone else isn’t listening to. Let it go. You either move forward with the next step of listening to your instincts…or…you release the fact that things happen for a reason, and you are in control of yourself and no one else. You take care of your choices and consequences. Once the light passes or helps release you may feel your pulse activate from the center.

Your sacral region takes everything hard. Most people are stuck here.  This area is literally where ‘the shit’ gets stuck. We feed our bodies with junk…junk food + junk emotions = junk yard. The organs you find here are part of the digestion and dumping process. If we keep being unmindful of its contaminates, the organs go into overdrive and eventually start to shut down, causing illness. Clear this out!!! OR ELSE!!! Your body is your temple…you must keep it clean, or the chaos will wreak havoc on you…causing a long suffering death sentence.

Last, is your root chakra. This is located between your gender parts, at the perineum.You will feel sensations there.  No need to explain, this part will end with your own thoughts and experience with it, similar to the end of yoga practice, shavasana.

Let your legs carry the light through your feet.  As the energy starts to fade, your entire body starts to sink, you melt into the earth. The entire process takes about 20 minutes. Be thankful, show gratitude.  When you open your eyes, you may see more colors, you may see colors while you are in the cleansing process. You may also be in a trippy like state, your senses stronger. You will feel rested and clear of negativity.  You will have received a TON of vitamin D, boosting your immune system, feeding your soul.  Your thoughts will free. You will feel free. Love the free source above, for he always loves you.


What about this image

TALES FROM THE TiNY CABiN:  What about this image is peculiar to you?  This fire was built in Hot Springs(Tiny Cabin NC).  We were cooking salmon and veggies in herb infused butter at the time.  I was uploading photos and noticed images within the image. I sent a text to April immediately…

ME: WTF April?!?!?! What is that watching us from behind the fire???

Later she responds: A Goddess.

Hmmmm….I looked again. That isn’t what I saw, but maybe I was looking in the wrong place. The next morning I load the picture and she shows me the goddess in the smoke looking up…I then show her the tree creature, that looks like half a green alien, with a huge eye on one side. The other half of the face is blurry, but there.  A little resemblance to The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. WHAAAAA. She saw it then, and I also see the goddess. Our conclusion…Maybe the smoky goddess is showing us the way to the green spirit, and that it will be watching over us. Smiles.