How to survive being an energetic healer

I am Amy Harris Shirley, LMBT 8014. For 10 years I have been a massage therapist, building the business in this area of Wake County. I have been a healer for the last 5. I say it that way because for the first 5 of those years, I grew my knowledge of musculature from a physical level. I learned all the levels of pain, allowing myself to learn all the points of localized pain, as well as the referral paths…Anatomy and Trigger Point, and pain management were the main focus.

While my knowledge and memorization grew, so did something else…and that’s how the last 5 years happened.

The connection of physiology to the energy body…How somatics plays a role in the memory of the physical body, thus creating new pain to cover old pain that is buried deep within us…emotional trauma.

I learned that my hands contained much more than what I had ever been told. I knew it, but there was ZERO…ZERO…ZERO…out there to confirm it.

Now, there is info every where. We healers have been busy. We have accepted our gifts. Learned every thing from every giving and ungiving perspective. We have been applying our knowledge as witness, teaching how to be ourselves while teaching others the same. We have been blogging, posting, videos, podcasting, singing, writing, playing, creating, spelling out the truth in our own portrayals…updating lifetimes of knowledge for today’s New Earth, in a very short amount of time. You may hear the words New Age this-or-that…This stuff isn’t new. It is ancient. It has always been. But perhaps it better to say, we are Updating the New Age for New Souls with old ancient methods…is more appropriate. Which leads me to:


With that being said, we healers are mostly responsible for making sure our clients take care of themselves between sessions. It is up to us to keep them in check: water, high full nutrition foods, none-minimal meds, exercise, pain management goals, rest and stress relief.

By helping our clients maintain their sanity, helps us maintain ours. We have to be a reflective reminder of how to live. We therapists, also work over-time, have needy families, struggle with finances, fight the school system, don’t get enough sleep, wake up achy and moody, don’t drink enough water or eat properly, and possibly haven’t been to yoga or exercised in a while.

Our energies thrive on the sun, patterns of the cosmos, positive energy, kinetic energy(exercise), most importantly…each other…

If you’re a healer and are feeling low on energy, immune system, etc, ask yourself these questions:

~How am I feeling low?

~What am I feeling?

~Is it me internally? Or coming in externally?

~What time of the year is it?

~What is the moon cycle?

~Who have I been with or in anticipation of?

~What or who is stopping me from being?

~When is the last time I was outside?

~What am I eating…or not eating?

~Am I getting enough quiet alone time?

~Are boundaries being pushed?

~When have I rested?

In order to be a wise healer…we in turn have to be healing. We need breaks. We need time to reflect. We need access to knowledge. It is ok to tell people NO…hard as it may be 😉

Here are some ways to take care of yourself, some you’ll know and need as a reminder…some will be mentioned that are not usually discussed.

1. Sleep schedule. Stick to one. Some of us dont sleep well at all…but it is best to at least be in bed around the same time to physically rest the body…and awake at a good time to start your day without being rushed. The goal here is to pay attention as to why you may have trouble with sleep.

Keep in mind things such as the full moon, stress, food choices, solar flares can all be culprits of broken sleep patterns…

The full moon can do two things…either drain you…or buzz you. Pay attention to the moon phases…it will at least give you confirmation of why sleep is disrupted.

Solar flares as they reach out from the sun send energy to our galaxy in the form of a ray…such as a gamma ray. When the sun is active, those of us that are super sensitive to energy are affected by receiving that energy. It can come as a hot flash type feeling, brain stimulation…like a crawling or tickling sensation at the third eye and crown of our heads…or like a zapping sensation. Nothing can be done for universal disruptions…just be aware they occur. The astrologers have been busy and have been on point. Word for word. The good ones give their reports out of love. For instance, I follow DMAstro on Facebook. She is really good at describing how the planets work with or against each other, when, where and includes a time of day. There are wonderful healers out there who will do your natal chart, you may need to pay a fee for that, totally worth it, it is alot of work involved. Knowing what is going on out there keeps me from going insane.

2. Stress. Ugh. Stress can also drain you or buzz you. Try and alleviate both of those sleep disrupting symptoms of stress by sitting in silence, meditate, exercise, stay off of the tv, computer, phone. Go outside with nature.

3. Food choices such as high sodium, gluten, things that end in -ate(mono-sodium glutamate), high sugars, caffeine can also disrupt sleep. High sodium and MSG type foods cause hypertension, restless leg, or can wake you up itching because your body can’t tolerate or process it. Gluten can knock people out for 15 hour intervals by food coma. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat. If you feel bad and sluggish…that food doesn’t like you. If you feel good…then the food is just right for you. Eat lightly while you work, then have a heavier meal at bedtime.

4. Exercise of any sort is important. To be a healer, it is best to stay fit. We are working with energies of others all day, we need to have our own to work with. I stand on my legs in 1 to 3 positions for about 12 hours per day…5+ days a week. I work equivalent to 50 to 70 hours a week on concrete covered with office carpet. My legs hurt. My hip flexors are tight. It is dark, no windows. Lots of relaxing tones are used during healing sessions…depleting the vitamin D that I need, while increasing melatonin and seratonin. Soooo yeah, in order to reverse the leg and total body stiffness I walk trails(barefoot is best!). I also bike ride, do lots of yoga, especially hot yoga and dance/hula hoop in my garage. Sunshine and nature replenishes the endocrine system of what I may have depleted during a long day indoors. We teach yoga every Saturday morning in our office, 4025 Village Park Drive Knightdale NC…8:30 a.m. Love Offering accepted.

For hot yoga

5. GO OUTSIDE. As said above, removing tension from the body can be as easy as laying in the grass, walking barefoot(if you’re local to Raleigh join us sometime! Look for the group Barefoot Hikers and Enthusiasts on Facebook), sunbathing, sitting with bodies of water…and yes tree hugging is a real thing. Trees have the best energy when it comes to needing a silent companion that also loves our company. We need the sun for its incredible endless amounts of energy to revive us.

Sitting outdoors in the evening is good too. The moon and the stars and with the sounds of our night critters offer us a soothing dreamy energy. Nature helps us absorb and remove EMF toxins that come with using technology(man-made energy…bad).

6. Create. Healers feel, see, hear, amongst other things, due to raised awareness of our senses. We need outlets to portray or remove those from within ourselves. Dance, take photos, play in the sand, dirt, clay…journal, draw paint…anything to make something beautiful out of all the darkness we encounter.

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7. Remove your self from negative lifestyles. This is hard because it includes people. Even family members. People who are constantly invading your space, wasting your time, attacking, gossiping, advice hoarders, and/or who have bad unruly habits: whether it is drugs, alcohol, poor food choices, spending on unnecessary things…are people that are unhealthy for you. They are energy vampires, sucking the life out of you. Attaching cords or ties that bind, to your soul…draining your life force essence. Please consider evaluating each relationship:

~is this person a positive influence or a negative influence

~do they value your time, your knowledge, your boundaries

~do they reflect your soul with the best possible version of you

~in their presence, how do you feel? Is it good? Is it equal? Are you anxious? Gossipy? Angry? Bothered? Unappreciated?

~in their presence are tempted with things you that you normally aren’t tempted by…too much alcohol, expensive choices like shopping, binge eating, giving them money because they are always without

If any of these questions indicate an unhealthy relationship…then please by all means, remove yourself before you really get hurt by their involvement. Start by cutting energy cords from any person, place, thing, idea

8. A HEALER FOR THE HEALER. 10 years into my practice, I have just now realised…I too, need some one to take care of me. I see a chiropractor every week. Thankfully, we work with a group of chiropractors and I have easy access to their loving hands, more about this later. I will be paying for another healer’s services, for massage… one who is younger, so that when I have aged …they haven’t out aged me. I have also concluded that I need facials. So for me financially, alternating massage and aesthetics every month, combined with yoga 1 to 3 times per week and my weekly chiro adjustments, should at will will keep me going. Sit down and meditate, whatever that looks like for you and do it. OH, reach out to your fellow healers, even if is a simple message of ‘💚’…chances are… WE ALL are feeling the heavy, draining, chaotic energies. That one little ‘💚’ goes a LOOOONG way…and says it all.

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9. Service Providers. Shop around. Word-of -mouth is best. I do not like being touched by just anyone. My trust is minimal when it comes to people I do not know. We healers can be naive about other practices, so we should ask lots of questions, just as our clients should ask us lots of questions, before putting their trust in US. Read about the practices you can think of: chiropractors, herbal medicine, accupuncture, shaman, energy medicine, the list goes on. I see a chiropractor every week. Thankfully, we work with a group of chiropractors and I have easy access to their loving hands. Before I met them, I had heard some crazy stories about…’gettin my neck and back cracked’…Some of those stories dusturbed me enough, I wasn’t sure about how safe the practice was. I know this…if you’re ‘gettin cracked’…you’re NOT in the right place. First question should be, ‘do you x-ray’ if the answer is NO, This chiropractor is not where you should be. We provide x-ray in our chiropractic office. 🙂 Our team includes Dr Cole Bradburn, Dr Jason and Dr Lisa Kucma.

10. Find a way to detox. Create a plan for a lifestyle change with food, a juice, raw, or Auyervedic cleanse. There are also diet changes you can follow, keto, paleo, etc. Maybe see a nutritionist or Auyervedic practitioner. Maybe 1 day a week…like Sunday…take a detox bath with epsom salts. Drink detox water. Get your temple clean.

11. Meditation and Solitude. Get still with your self. Get quiet, away from noise pollution. The voices. Electronics. Turn off the music. Focus and practice on your inside. Find that little voice, of which is so powerful, and be still with it. Meditation take anywhere from 5 minutes to hours, depending on how much time you allow. 5 minutes is powerful, no excuses. Mediation takes lots of practice, it took me a couple of years to allow my ego to shut down so I could be lead into so much bliss. Once I mastered it, I can’t say enough for its eternal glory.

12. Continuing Education Units. Did you know you could relax and have fun while learning? I didn’t either until 2 years ago. I was looking at the courses offered in the PERG magazine. There was a provider with beautiful face upturned with the sun rays and the ocean behind her…right then and there my mind, heart and soul said…HER. I immediately signed up for her classes. She had 3 listed for the year. I looked at my calender and chose the mountain location. You see, her classes were local to Raleigh, Pilot Mountain and. Wrightsville Beach. Yes yes yes. For THE WHOLE WEEKEND. Driving distance 2 hours for any of them. Doable. Affordable. And you couldn’t beat the scenery. It came. I went. Let me say this, Magick. Her retreat workshops are every therapists dream. Relaxing. Self care. Contemplative. Self Exploration. Play. Not boring. Connection with the body mind spirit and other like-minded healers. Oh yeah…I take her classes at least once per year. Sometimes twice, just because I love her and her presence. Her name is Sally Raspberry. Here is her link…fyi…those are my hands on her webpage 🙂

13. Ground. Ground. Ground. Several times a day. Stop. Slow down. Breathe. Disconnect. Reconnect. Whatever it takes to survive the day.

14. When working connect to a source. Remember to not use your own energy…your adrenals will fatigue. When done…Cut Cords. Ground. Disconnect. Reconnect.

15. Supplements. Look into taking a good supplement. If it is cheap, you’re getting fillers and less supplement. Standard Process is a great company made with 100% nutrients. Starting in August I begin taking Vitamin D liquid and sometimes B12 folic acid. When the darkness comes, I do not get enough sunlight, so I must supplement from that dark room I am in all day, or else I too get dark inside.

Take note of patterns…daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, cosmic, people, whatever. Try to catch your slumps before they happen, so you can act accordingly. Seriously though, reach out to your like-minded healer peers. We are to help each other…as we do everyone else. 💚

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